Monday, February 22, 2016


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1. Gravitational waves make me glad I’m not a Christian anymore (posted February 12) "We’d have all of eternity to catch up on physics. Right now the important thing is staying faithful to God."

2. How Should We Understand Children’s Political Agency? (posted February 15) "I’m sorry, but this baby cannot be a Rubio “supporter.” This baby does not even know what a president is."

3. These "Mario Kart" Fans Turned A Real Mall Into Coconut Mall (posted February 18) NICE.

4. Apple opposes judge's order to hack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone (posted February 18) Read Apple's statement here.

5. Saeed Abedini and Franklin Graham Promote “Couples Counseling” to Reconcile the Abedinis. Because of Saeed’s Abuse, is This Counterproductive? (posted February 15) "I’ve seen Saeed’s language and approach before. It’s typical flowery manipulative abuser language meant to draw people to his side."

6. This generation has far too many ‘Ezras’ already, thanks (posted February 10) "When “pro-family” preachers turn to the Bible to collect proof-texts on divorce, they always seem to forget the “clear biblical teaching” of the final chapters of Ezra. For Ezra, divorce is not merely permitted — it’s mandatory. Divorce is commanded by God. And so is the abandonment of racially impure children."

7. Do Multicultural Churches Reinforce Racism? (posted February 9) "If the racial hierarchy that has developed over the past 500 years is condensed to the issue of, “Why are all the black people sitting together?” then having everyone sit side by side in the pews becomes the solution and not sitting side by side is the problem."

8. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting (posted February 14)

9. Albert Woodfox released from jail after 43 years in solitary confinement (posted February 19) "the prisoner finally escaped a form of captivity that has widely been denounced as torture, and that has deprived him of all meaningful human contact for more than four decades."

10. The ongoing Great Disappointment (posted February 16) "For Ryrie and for the many generations of Rapture prophets he belongs to, that passage is no longer a source of hope to comfort our sorrow. It’s not about death, but about the Rapture, and quoting it now would just add insult to injury by reminding us that Ryrie, by dying, has missed out on that Rapture."

11. If Hell Is Real, Why Did God Wait So Darn Long To Warn Us About It? (posted January 30) "Hell, with all of our modern images of what it’s like, simply doesn’t exist in the Old Testament. We think it does because some English translators now translate sheol as “hell,” which causes us to import modern concepts of hell into the text."

12. No, The Super Bowl Isn’t The Largest Sex Trafficking Event In The World (posted February 2)

13. Having It All Kinda Sucks (posted February 15) "It's like we all said hey, let's change the narrative for women, but not change anything else."

14. Abortion ban linked to dangerous miscarriages at Catholic hospital, report claims (posted February 18) "Doctors decided they would delay until the woman showed signs of sepsis – a life-threatening response to an advanced infection – or the fetal heart stopped on its own."

15. “Would we even be here if Julian Acox was white?” Race, self-defense and making of a murder charge (posted January 6) "Would the laws that protected George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson equally protect a young African-American male who used a firearm to protect himself and the two (white) women with him?"

16. For those of you who are American citizens living overseas: Time to think about how to get an absentee ballot!

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