Monday, January 18, 2016


8 puppies  sitting and staring expectantly at a woman reading them a book called "Good Dog." Image source.
1. Why We Never Got Ebola: A Christmas Story "The reality is that the Muslim community -- the very people that children in Augusta County and other communities all around the U.S. are being taught to mistrust and even hate -- are the community that prevented the uncontrolled spread of Ebola into the resource-rich world."

2. What Must White Churches Do To Be Saved? (posted January 4) "Just as there was no clean break from slavery, neither was there from Jim Crow. It simply evolved into a less overt but equally sinister system of racial oppression that is fully operative today."

3. Wheaton’s official story collapses (posted January 11) "Mangis, rightly, does not think that a college should be governed by defensive responses to perverse, hostile, and dishonestly willful misinterpretations of its statements. Provost Jones, apparently, thinks that’s exactly what should shape the college’s public face." Well this is awkward.

4. 10 Revelations in the Lawsuit against Bill Gothard and IBLP (posted January 11) [trigger warning: sexual abuse] "People knew this was going on. The IBLP Board of Directors knew, the personal assistant who told Jane Doe III to buy shorter skirts knew, the employee who arranged the room assignment for Jamie Deering knew. People knew something was off. We’re talking about an organization that sent teenage boys home for merely talking to girls, while its leader held late night one-on-one “mentoring” sessions in his office with teenage girls."

5. God will have to beg my forgiveness. (posted 2013)

6. A tribute to Alan Rickman (posted January 17)

And also if you want to cry more you can watch this one:

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