Monday, January 4, 2016


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1. InterVarsity backs #BlackLivesMatters at Urbana 15 (posted December 29) YES. #BlackLivesMatter is doing God's work.

2. Carrie Fisher Responds to Body Shamers: ‘Blow Us’ (posted December 29) "Fisher also retweeted one of her followers who said, “Men don’t age better than women, they’re just allowed to age.”"

3. Wisconsin Legislator Asks Non-Christians to Convert for the Holidays (posted December 25) Wow, this kind of language ("For those who may watch this who are not Christians, I invite you to consider the hope offered by the Prince of Peace.") is so incredibly normal for church people- it's pretty shocking to me to see atheists point out how not-okay this is.

4. The Stages of What Happens When There’s Injustice Against Black People (posted 2014) "Stage 3.75: The “None of us were there” people"

5. Here are my thoughts on the new year:

6. White Knuckling Can Only Get You So Far (posted 2014) "I’ve encouraged hundreds of people to reconsider their beliefs that fear is the most appropriate emotional response to their sexualities."

7. A Mathematician’s New Year’s Resolutions (posted December 30) "Each week I shall say something nice to a physicist, such as 'I admire your casual contempt for logic' or 'Wow, you sure have written those symbols.'"

8. Obama considers unilateral action on US gun violence (posted January 2) "He has admitted that his inability to win Congressional backing for what he called "common sense gun laws" was the greatest frustration of his presidency."

9. The Guardian view on killings by US police: why we must keep counting (posted December 31) "The Guardian will begin a new count of people killed by US police for 2016, tracking the lethal use of force every day with the help of the community. We will not stop until we are satisfied that the federal government is doing its job, and that we no longer have to do it for them."

10. What No One Said about Rey (Star Wars Spoilers!) (posted December 30)

11. Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up. Self-care is important, you guys.

12. ‘Ed Dobson loved homosexuals’ (posted December 29)

13. Apparently, I Won’t Be Going To Heaven (posted December 30) "We don’t have to be loving or kind like Jesus to be saved from God’s wrath. In fact we don’t have to do a single thing Jesus commanded us to do. All that matters is that we admit that we are worthless trash, but that Jesus likes us anyway."

14. Large Group Of Armed Militia Members Take Over Federal Building (posted January 2) In Oregon. Oh my.

15. Refocusing My Family: How the Daughter of a Focus on the Family Executive Came Out as Gay (posted December 26) "Over time, because of their unwavering belief in Focus on the Family's teaching and interpretation of the Scriptures on this issue, I was quietly pushed aside and shunned from the family."

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