Monday, January 11, 2016


Ball of floofiness with a dog inside. Image source.

1. Why Public Speculation about the Duggar Children’s Sexuality Should Be Off Limits (posted January 5) "Speculation about a fundamentalist child’s sexual identity isn’t just harmful, it can be outright dangerous."

2. 4 Myths That Make Us Fear All First-Time Vaginal Penetration Will Be Painful (posted January 6) "Historically, men weren’t that interested in whether women had positive experiences with sex – or whether female pleasure was even possible." NSFW

3. Grand jury indicts trooper in Sandra Bland traffic stop (posted January 6)

4. Michelle Higgins - Urbana 15. This is amazing. This is the talk that Michelle Higgins gave at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Urbana mission conference in December. Boldly proclaiming that #BlackLivesMatter and the American evangelical church must stop worshiping the idol of white supremacy.

And then this happened: InterVarsity takes a firehose to Pentecost in a rush to quench the spirit. (See also: Toddlers on a treadmill: Why evangelicals can’t even take baby steps toward justice)

Ah geez. So no, it was too good to be true. No, no large evangelical organization or white church is ever going to stand up and say, unapologetically, Black Lives Matter. I'm glad I quit being evangelical during the World Vision debacle of 2014.

5. Statement from 1/6 Press Conference (posted January 6) By Dr. Larycia Hawkins. "Wheaton College cannot scare me into walking away from the truth that all humans, Muslims, the vulnerable, the oppressed, are all my sisters and brothers."

6. A Muslim woman was kicked out of a Trump rally for standing up and being Muslim (posted January 10)

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