Monday, May 18, 2015


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1. The Prophecy of Amos, Revised (posted May 8) "You go to church wearing clothes made by sweat shop workers / And drink coffee grown and picked by enslaved children."

2. John Oliver Slams America’s Mother’s Day Hypocrisy: Not Providing Paid Leave for New Moms (posted May 11) "You can’t go on and on about how much you support mothers and then fail to support legislation that makes life easier for them."

3. Black Magic! Phono-Semantic Chinese Characters (posted February 3) Chinese is easier than one might expect. ^_^ (But I totally don't buy the claim that this applies to "90-95%" of Chinese characters.)

4. Every Part Of The Trinity Is “She Who Is:” Resisting Roger Olson’s Boxes For God (posted May 11) "Though the Bible is fine with addressing God as “Our Rock” and “Our Strong Tower,” addressing the first person of the Trinity as “Mother” is apparently taking it too far. Inanimate objects are appropriate. Feminine names? Not so much."

5. Art As Protest? Rihanna's "American Oxygen" (posted May 11) Worth watching.

6. 11 recurring mistakes in the debate over the “historical Adam.” (posted May 11) "Literalism is a hermeneutical decision (even if implicit) as much as any other approach, and so needs to be defended as much as any other. Literalism is not the default godly way to read the Bible that preserves biblical authority. It is not the “normal” way of reading the Bible that gets a free pass while all others must face the bar of judgment."

7. Star Trek Fan Turns Basement Into The Starship Enterprise ! (posted May 14) Cool!

8. Reading the Bible with a Red Pen (posted May 15) "I swore then that I would never ever be a part of anything—not a religion, not a culture, not a club—that would teach, even accidentally, that certain kinds of people were people that God would want to punish."

9. Jason Chu on Asian Privilege and Freddie Gray (posted May 15) "A new spoken word music video, "THEY WON'T SHOOT ME (I am not #FreddieGray)," by Los Angeles-based Asian American hip-hop artist Jason Chu about the death of Freddie Gray while in Baltimore police custody highlights the educational and economic privilege of some Asian Americans and calls on Asian Americans to choose to use that privilege to build solidarity with other less privileged communities."

10. The God of the Lesser Things: Denny Burk is Wrong About "The Least of These" (posted May 15) "It is interesting that the least of those to whom we are supposed to lend our hand are those refusing to extend their hands to others. It is even more interesting that the position creating a false dichotomy between LGBT people and the church has somehow become 'gospel.'"

11. Tsarnaev Sentenced to Death in Boston Bombing Trial (posted May 15)

12. teaching virginity is anti-Christian (posted May 15) "You start out “clean,” and either you make it to marriage or you’re sullied."

13. Harriet Tubman stole from the rich and gave to the poor (posted May 13) "Putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is appealing because it addresses four different problems at the same time: 1) Andrew Jackson was a murderous jerk who contemptuously violated his oath to defend the Constitution and he shouldn’t be honored with a place on our currency; 2) no American bills have women on them; 3) no American bills have people of color on them; and 4) Harriet Tubman was just incredibly awesome and we can’t say that often enough."


  1. One thing regarding “wearing clothing made in sweatshops,” etc — there is a real question of whether boycotting is the right response. What happens to a sweatshop worker or a child who loses their job because of boycotts? They don’t find better jobs or get sent to school! International Aid for Children offers better ideas.

  2. True- I always wonder what we're "supposed to" do, what's the best way to help that situation. Really, we need to listen to people with more knowledge/experience, rather than just assuming boycotting is the answer.