Monday, May 25, 2015


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1. Find Out What Your Name Would Be if You Were Born Today (posted May 13) This is fun.

2. Mattress Protest at Columbia University Continues Into Graduation Event (posted May 19) "Aided by four friends, and to the cheers of some of her classmates, the student who protested Columbia University’s handling of her sexual assault complaint by carrying a mattress around campus all year hoisted it for the last time on Tuesday as she crossed the stage at a graduation ceremony."

3. According To Science, This Is The Perfect And Best Road Trip You Can Possibly Take (posted in March?) Cool.

4. Government says four cancer charities are shams (posted May 19) Oh god.

5. These adorable penguins. I want one!

6. White America’s Waco insanity: The shocking realities it ignores about racism & violence (posted May 20) "It’s why street protestors in Baltimore are referred to as violent thugs for burning buildings, but murderers in Waco get called 'bikers.'"

7. Links about Josh Duggar: [trigger warning for sexual abuse]

First of all, you MUST read Libby Anne. She grew up in the Christian homeschooling culture which produced the Duggars, and she's been blogging about it for YEARS. She gets it. Here are her posts: What You Need to Know about the Josh Duggar Police ReportWhat Did Josh Duggar’s Counseling Look Like?, and Anna Duggar and the Silencing Power of Forgiveness.

More posts from other bloggers:
how Josh Duggar is getting away with it
Josh Duggar says he’s sorry. So what?
In faith communities like the Duggars, abuse victims are encouraged to be filled with grace. It’s not that simple.
What Josh Duggar did 12 years ago still matters. Here’s why.
The Duggars’ dangerous cult of purity

And here's what I think: A lot of the reactions I saw on twitter seemed to be almost celebrating this news, celebrating Josh Duggar's downfall because we oppose the ideology that the Duggar family promotes. People on twitter were like "the Duggars said transgender people are child predators, and look at them now!"

That's not justice, that's a revenge fantasy. Josh Duggar sexually assaulted several children. This is bad. This is not something to be excited about, no matter how much you hate the Duggar brand. Don't forget, most of the victims are also members of the Duggar family.

Justice means, first and foremost, caring for the victims. What do they need? Are they safe? We don't really know- we don't have any statements from them, and we don't know their identities (which should be kept secret in order to protect them). According to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the victims totally forgave Josh and everything is fine. Really? I find that hard to believe.

Justice also means preventing this in the future. And, the way I see it, that means the destruction of purity culture.

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