Monday, April 20, 2015


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1. 5 Insane Realities At My Fundamentalist Christian College (posted April 13) "They teach you to be scared of society. They teach you that every man is a potential rapist, but I really did believe that. If a guy at work touched my shoulder, I would feel like I needed to jump back."

2. book review: “Searching for Sunday” by Rachel Held Evans (posted April 13) "You’re sad because you wish your faith were still that simple, that fresh and naive– and sad because you know that those moments of happiness came in the middle of suffering, and the pain made those brief moments of joy seem like ambrosia." Oh my goodness, yes. Yes. Yes.

3. learning to respect my body (posted April 17) "When you combine the “Christian” concept of “dying to self” and being “self-sacrificing” with the other “Christian” concept that we are all disgusting worms worthy of nothing better than eternal conscious torment it’s going to be seriously difficult to tell yourself “I deserve to respect my body’s needs” and have it sound at all convincing."

4. How Christians Turned Against Gay Conversion Therapy (posted April 15) "By the start of the American cultural revolution in the 1960s, many mental-health professionals, clergy, and politicians supported the idea that homosexuality was a mental-health disorder that could be cured through some combination of prayer and “therapy,” which included electroshock therapy, masturbatory reconditioning, and giving patients nausea-inducing drugs while forcing them to view homosexual erotica."

5. When Is It Okay to Say the R-Word? (posted April 14) "People with developmental disabilities have feelings, they can be hurt, and you need to just maybe get to know them."

6. Paedophiles still view churches as ‘soft touch’ (posted April 13) "The issue about forgiveness is a relevant point."

7. This video of Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers dancing to "Can't Touch This." You're welcome.

8. The wedding photos that captivated China (posted April 18) Cool!

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