Monday, April 13, 2015


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1. 32 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks (posted April 7) Yes.

2. How Europeans evolved white skin (posted April 2) "But a new study shows that pale skin, as well as other traits such as tallness and the ability to digest milk as adults, arrived in most of the continent relatively recently."

3. Confession: I Sometimes Miss Being Fundamentalist (posted April 6) "I feel bad for her, too, because she is so gripped by a naïveté that I know created embarrassing situations for her."

4. Holy Saturday (posted April 4) "Seriously, just look around. Does it look like the meek are inheriting the earth?"

5. How fundies miss out on the fun (the Synoptic Problem is not that kind of ‘problem’) (posted April 7) "And that’s what it is for fundies — an embarrassing “problem” that needs to be fixed in order to salvage their theory of what the Bible should be."

6. 'Email In Real Life' Is Proof Positive That Emailing Is Pretty Weird (posted April 7) "Hi, I'm the administrator. I could not deliver this document. It was too big."

7. When Marriage Looks Like the Only Escape (posted April 8) "I got married in part because I knew it would make things better with my parents, because they would no longer consider me a daughter in rebellion."

8. Everything The Police Said About Walter Scott’s Death Before A Video Showed What Really Happened (posted April 7) Oh God.

9. Bake for them two (posted April 1) "If someone forces you to bake a cake for a gay wedding, bake for them two. - Matthew 5:41"

10. Nation Hopeful There Will Be Equally Random Chance Of Justice For Future Victims Of Police Abuse (posted April 8) "I have a 17-year-old son who I worry about every day when he heads out into our neighborhood. But now I can take heart knowing that if, God forbid, he were ever in a situation like this, there would be a tiny fraction of a chance that every single element would fall into place and my family would receive the fair and just legal outcome we deserve."

11. Being White Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (posted March 17) "One violent black man represents a movement, but a group of white men singing racism represent only themselves and later get to claim that they’re the real victims here."

12. “I love you, but...” doesn’t cut it (posted November 2014) "Why is it that saying “I love you no matter what” can get a person branded a moral relativist?"

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