Tuesday, September 9, 2014


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1. How Does Your Favorite Star Trek Series Fare on the Bechdel Test? (posted September 1) "The future society portrayed in Star Trek was supposed to show greater equality for women (as well as people of color, although it seriously overlooked LGBT characters)."

2. The Single Parent Double Standard (posted September 2) "...many of the beliefs about single parents stem from the view that single fathers have admirably risen to the challenge of parenting by choice, while single mothers are assumed to be parenting out of a necessity resulting from bad judgment, accidental pregnancy, or the failure to maintain a relationship."

3. How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era (posted July 19) "Routté had traveled to Alabama in a turban and robes, put on an accent, and quickly realized that it was quite easy to fool everyone there into thinking he was a foreign dignitary — and to be received as one."

4. confused cats against feminism. Here's a fun little tumblr.

5. 21 Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence You Should Look At Instead (posted September 3) Awesome.

6. "Astoundingly huge" dinosaur skeleton unearthed in Argentina (posted September 4) I want one! I need to change careers.

7. I Allowed People to Mispronounce My African Name for 25 Years (posted September 1) "Despite my Ghanaian parents’ urgings, I allowed and encouraged my name to be mispronounced as “Mamie” instead of “Mame” (mah-may) for nearly 25 years."

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (posted August 25) Bahahaha.

9. If Straight Men Were Raped: How Pronouns Change The Conversation About Victim Blaming (posted September 5) "We would never say these things about victims of sexual violence if the victims were straight men and boys."

10. Gay Teen Kicked Out Of Home Diverts Outpouring Of Donations To Homeless Shelter (posted September 5) "Approximately 40 percent of homeless youth nationwide identifies as LGBTQ."

11. 19 #WhyIStayed Tweets That Everyone Needs to See (posted September 9) Trigger warning: domestic violence.

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