Monday, September 15, 2014


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1. Why Did Obama Say ISIL is Not Islamic? Because He’s not a Fool (posted September 11) "Arguing such tactics don’t follow true Islam delegitimizes the motives for Islamic terrorism."

2. Rape Culture in Celebrity Photo Theft (posted September 3) "The next basic argument is that celebrities don’t have normal human rights."

3. Civility, Outrage (posted September 7) "You notice someone arguing we should shame poor kids in order to reduce welfare participation. Arguing that it wouldn’t reduce welfare participation is one route, and you do this — but there’s something else you want to argue against, too: the idea that being a person who shames poor kids is acceptable."

4. A list of unarmed Blacks killed by police (posted August 26)

5. Letting Go of God (posted August 5) "Your 'God' is not God."

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