Monday, September 1, 2014


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1. 16 Vintage “Gay” Advertisements That Are Funny Now That “Gay” Means “GAY” (posted 2012) "What a gay assortment!"

2. When Chinese children forget how to write (posted August 26) This is so true. People are so used to typing- which doesn't require you to remember every stroke of the character- so it's easy to forget how to write some of the more difficult characters by hand. Like how autocorrect ruins people's ability to spell, but worse.

3. 4 Ways To Honor Native Americans Without Appropriating Our Culture (posted August 26) "Many Americans have a disconnected relationship with indigenous peoples: We’re fine as romanticized historical centerpieces and entertainment props, but mocked and ridiculed when we decry the materialistic use of sacred objects like headdresses or call to remove a dictionary-defined racial slur like redskin from the NFL lexicon."

4. This made me lol:

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5.  This too:

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6. Autopsy Report Indicates Police Cover-Up of Man Who ‘Shot Himself’ While Handcuffed (posted August 27) Lord have mercy.

7. This story. I lolled. (posted August 22)

8. Queering Theology: Christ in Stilettos (posted August 18) "But part of the issue, too, was that I didn’t have the language to talk about gender as a performance – as a staged play we all put on that has varying social cues and signals."

9. Face it, blacks. Michael Brown let you down. (posted August 21) "I’d offer myself, honestly. I would. But I got a D in Calculus once, so I don’t think I qualify. I’m not good enough." And see also the Slactivist's take on it.

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