Saturday, August 16, 2014

And sometimes there are two squirrels in a cage on the sidewalk


Wait, what is that?

If you guessed "two squirrels in a cage on the sidewalk" then congratulations!

But... wait what? Wait, what? Squirrels? But... why? But... two squirrels? In a little cage?

And did I mention they were just out on the sidewalk with no one around?

And why is there also a toothbrush in a bowl?

See that's the thing with China. I'm constantly encountering things so bizarre that any attempt to explain them just leaves me with more questions. (Are they pets? Are they for dinner?)

Oh well.

Just two squirrels. In a cage. On the sidewalk.


  1. LOL. I imagine there must be things we do in the US that the Chinese find just as incomprehensible!

  2. Drinking ice water is probably the biggest one. :)