Monday, August 18, 2014


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1. Jesus Is Not Our Zoloft: Reflections on Mental Health and the Church (posted March 31) "Jesus will not supernaturally make your mental health better or easier to manage. What makes your mental health better or easier to manage is everything Jesus cannot do: psychotherapy, medication, and supportive care .... Sure, a support group at your church may help you manage your bipolar disorder. But that’s your support group providing supportive care, not Jesus. Thank Jesus if you want for being the reason your church exists in the first place, but don’t pretend Jesus gives you the supportive care himself."

2. #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Shows How Black People Are Portrayed in Mainstream Media (posted August 11) "#iftheygunnedmedown which picture would they use?"

3. World's first surviving panda triplets are 'very healthy' (posted August 13) So cute! Thank you, baby pandas, for filling the world with cuteness. See also this article from the Chinese side of the internet.

4. America Is Not For Black People (posted August 12) "By all accounts, Brown was One Of The Good Ones. But laying all this out, explaining all the ways in which he didn't deserve to die like a dog in the street, is in itself disgraceful. Arguing whether Brown was a good kid or not is functionally arguing over whether he specifically deserved to die, a way of acknowledging that some black men ought to be executed."

5. On Race, the Benefit of the Doubt, and Complicity (posted August 15) "Surely I had heard him wrong. I’ve been doing this all my life—giving people the benefit of the doubt, imagining that racism is largely a thing of the past, not nearly as bad as they say."

6. SWAT Wedding Photos Shot in Chongqing Go Viral (posted July 27) Awesome!

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