Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jesus was a freakin' person and that means so much

复活在我,生命也在我。 I am the resurrection and the life. Image source.

Jesus is the best, you guys.

Sometimes I wonder if I should even be a Christian, because of all the times I disagree with something in the bible or something someone said at church. But man, start talking about Jesus and I'm totally on board. The writer of Psalm 105 remembers what God did in the past- I want to remember too.

God came to this earth to BE a PERSON, you guys. God didn't just sit in heaven going "dang, that place is messed up, I'm so glad I'm not there." God loves the world, you guys. Like, really really loves the world. So much that God did something about it. Actually came to be part of our world, actually live with us as a real human person, experiencing pain and happiness and love and affection and sadness and desperation.

Part of your world. God was just like Ariel. Or something. Image source.

That convinces me that God loves us.

I always want to know why the hell bad things happen. Why doesn't God do something? Doesn't God care? Dude, God is in this with us. God's not above it all, insulated from the pain. Man. Jesus lived it all.

He was a freakin' person, you guys.

We want to know why God doesn't save us, well Jesus wanted to know that too. We don't know why bad things happen, but we just have to live with it. Jesus had to live with it too.

And I believe God feels all the pain of the world even now. When something hurts us, it hurts God too. It matters. God is with us.

God also bears the consequences of God's lack of intervention.

God is with us.

We know because God actually came to our world, on our world's terms.

Jesus showed us what love is, and what resurrection is.


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