Monday, May 26, 2014


Yep. Image source.

1. Sir Nicholas Winton: 105th birthday party for man who saved 669 children from the Nazis (posted May 20)

2. Chick Training. Training a baby chicken to distinguish between colors. Cool.

3. This dog:

Image source.

4. Five Two Zero So Much (posted May 23) "It presupposes (for some reason that is mysterious to me) that numbers MUST sound like SOMETHING else!" Oh China.

5. These Dogs Are Being Trained to WAIT, but What Happens After They Hear “OK” is Absolutely Hilarious!!! I lolled!

6. Gay Christians Go to Your Church. How Should the Church Engage Them? (posted May 14) "We need to learn to give gay Christians space, too — to live consistently with their conscience — even if we disagree with their decisions."

7. Updated marriage maps (posted May 21)

8. Wearing a Crucifix (posted May 21) "I believe God is found among the victims of the world. God is hanging on crosses all over the world."

9. Honoring liars & silencing gays: The NRB epitomizes the toxic pathology of white evangelical tribalism (posted May 21) "Matthew Vines’ book about the Bible has been officially classified as 'unbiblical material.'"

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