Monday, May 19, 2014


1. More Oh Happy Day: In Which I Tell the Rest of the Marriage Story (posted May 12) "As each couple returns its marriage and receives a marriage certificate, the couple comes walking through all the rest of us, who are standing in a long line on either side of a long hallway, and everyone cheers and claps."

2. Photos Of This Husky Raised As A Cat Are Exactly What You Need Right Now (posted May 16) Adorable.

3. When Church Hurts (posted May 12) "When it is time to start, he has the choice to attend with us where the worship music that everyone else seems to enjoy is overwhelmingly loud and painful, the lighting is weird and makes his eyes hard to focus, and the pastor is talking into a microphone, which blurs the words into a series of loud or louder sounds that he can’t make out. It’s all just noise, painful and overstimulating."

4. It's Not About Conforming to the World (posted May 13) "I am concerned that we are placing yokes on other people that are not of Jesus Christ. I am concerned that we are slamming the door of the Kingdom in people’s faces and tying up heavy burdens and placing them on their backs. I am concerned we are straining gnats and swallowing camels."

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