Monday, May 12, 2014


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1. VIDEO: You’ve never heard me make this argument about same-sex marriage. (posted April 24) My favorite part was the point that this is about how he actually lives his life. The church needs to do more than say "homosexuality" is right or wrong. If a church doesn't allow gay marriage, will it support its members who live celibate their whole lives?

2. Saturday Mornings With Abortion Protestors: On Being a Clinic Escort (posted March 3) "...if I die, and discover that the creator of the universe believes that the proper way to worship him is to chase a woman across the street and down the sidewalk waving a pamphlet full of false science at her and calling her a murderer two inches from her face, I will be glad I opted out of such a corrupt system during life. I’ll dance all the way to hell."

3. The Secret Messages Inside Chinese URLs (posted May 1) "Buy and sell used cars at Want to purchase train tickets? It’s as easy as"

4. How Humans And Squid Evolved Separately For Millions Of Years But Ended Up With The Same Eyes (posted May 7)

5. What If It Was My Daughter? #bringbackourgirls (posted May 6) "The easy answer is Nigeria is out of sight and out of mind. The harder answer is we tend (whether intentionally or not) to care less about people who don’t look and sound like we do."

6. What Would Characters From The Bible Really Look Like? Here's One Photographer's Idea (posted May 7) And they're not white.

7. 'Do You Wanna Go To Starbucks' Is The 'Frozen' Parody That Perfectly Sums Up Finals Week (posted May 7)

8. Other People’s Magical Experiences (posted May 8) "When I was a lot younger, I imagined I did talk to God, but I have a vivid imagination. I can talk to Gandalf right now. Once I realized what I was doing, that I was just talking to myself, I started simply talking to myself instead."

9. Safe :: Saturday Stories (posted May 3) "I vowed to myself in that moment that I would never talk about my sexual orientation to anyone. I made crazy promises to myself. 'You will check into a mental hospital before you ever tell anyone. You will move to a foreign country before you admit to someone that you are gay.' Even this one, which I hesitated to write here: 'You will take your own life before you ever come out of the closet.'"

10. What I Wish Women Knew About Men (posted April 30) "Although men dress ourselves based on comfort, taste, and social appropriateness, it’s selfish of you to do the same. It’s almost as if you forget that what matters most is what men think of how you look."

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