Monday, April 8, 2013


1. Confronting A Legacy of A Slavery as Modern-Day Abolitionists (posted April 1) "For the first time in my life, I'm ashamed to be Dutch."

2. Open Letter to Closeted LGBT Christians (posted April 1) "But God loves you. He loves you. He loves you. Say it. Out loud. He loves you. He loves me."

3. What’s Wrong with Calvinism? (posted March 22) "Why trust Scripture to be a true revelation and guide if God is not good in some way analogous to our best ideas of goodness?"

4. The Gospel Is Not a Behavior Control Program  (posted March 29) "Would you rather a woman who’s stripping on Saturday night [insert your favorite sin-of-others here] quit her job and sit in a church pew Sunday morning—without actually encountering the grace of God—or would you rather she experience the radical love of God for her, as she is, and return to work the next weekend?"

5. The Antagonism of Biblical Inerrancy (posted April 2) "Why that should be considered praiseworthy, and described as 'engaged' with the Bible or 'friendly' towards it, is beyond me."

6. Associated Press Stylebook Drops ‘Illegal Immigrant' (posted April 2)

7. 'Finding Dory' Announced As 'Finding Nemo' Sequel With Ellen DeGeneres To Star (posted April 2) Well, this is awesome.

8. Jesus' Other Role (posted April 3) "We begin to hear phrases like, 'Who is really a disciple of Jesus?'"

9. The Case For Not Marrying Young (posted April 5) "At any point in the last decade, I could have settled. I could have married for the sake of marrying and perhaps the church would have extolled and lifted me up as an example."

10. "Dream." Love this song. "I only got one life to live and imma live it / filled with the Spirit of God there's no limits / I dream (I dream) / I dream (I dream) / I dream (I dream) / I dream (I dream)."

11. ‘God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean’ (No. 2) (posted April 4) "But the early church shifted its perception of this entire group of people, not because of the Bible (the Bible was clear that all males needed to be circumcised and eating shellfish was a no-no), but because they saw the work of the Holy Spirit bursting forth from the lives of these Gentile believers."

12. Loving them into hell? (posted April 5) "It’s no secret that I don’t think being gay is a sin or that gay relationships are sinful. But if you do, and you’re concerned about my eternal destiny, a strategy where you keep your emotional distance and regularly remind me of your disapproval isn’t going to change my mind."

13. The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles: Exhibit C – “As long as I can’t see her...” (posted April 6) "Piper is essentially arguing that so long as he does not have to acknowledge my humanity, so long as I keep a safe distance so he is unaware of the pitch of my voice and the presence of my breasts, he can, perhaps, learn something about the Bible from me."

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