Monday, April 15, 2013



1. War Photographer: Tara Livesay (posted April 4) "For whatever reason there is a movement among evangelical churches and faith-based organizations that markets mission trips in such a way that it casts the missionary as a hero and those on the other side are in dire need of their help."

2. Planned Parenthood, Infanticide, and the Return to Paganism (posted April 4) "To be clear here: This is a born-alive, out-of-the-womb baby at this point."

3. Grief and Resolutions (posted April 8) [trigger warning: abuse] "But then all of the stadium lights come on and there are no more shadows in the arena and you can see the children being torn apart by lions."

4. Freezing, Coatless Woman Has Decided It Is Spring (posted April 8) Yeah, so that's basically my life.

5. Your husband is NOT God for you {a response to Prodigal Magazine & the open letter to Christian feminists} (posted April 8) "I know this because I have seen the bruises. I have heard the wives whispering quietly in church bathrooms about how It’s Not Really Abuse and even if it was, they are serving a higher purpose than themselves by 'staying and serving.'"

6. What Would Jesus... Blog? (posted April 9) "And then she explained that she had enjoyed this blog over the years, but sharing my internet home with a gay Jew was just too much. ...'Would Jesus invite an unrepentant sinner to post on His blog? no.'"

7. Story time for the church. (posted April 10) "You believe strongly that God has restricted sex and marriage to one man and one woman, and that’s what you want for yourself—except that you have no opposite-sex attraction whatsoever, and you hate yourself for that. You feel trapped."

8. when i believe in jesus, then the bible (posted April 9) "...yet more sermons preached on Sundays are geared toward series-based thematic approaches that use Scripture as a trump card or proof-text to validate a point as opposed to regarding Scripture as the generative field from which all Truth grows unto harvest." I love this post.

9. High Heels Cupcakes Well, this is awesome. And adorable.

10. And this:

11. Why I Don’t Witness to People on Airplanes (A Post in 3 Acts) (posted April 11) "As an introvert, the thought of chasing down a jogger in a public park so I could ask him if he ever committed adultery made me physically ill."

12. "You Are." New favorite song. "If I had no voice / if I had no tongue / I would dance for you like the rising sun. / And when that day comes / and I see your face / I will shout your endless glorious praise."

13. Complaining as an Act of Faith (posted April 11) "Because what if this is wrong? What if shit happens and it isn’t what God wants? What if slavery, bitter water, and starvation actually aren’t God’s design?"

14. Thoughts from a Privileged Person Writing About Privilege (posted April 12) "I fear that there has developed a kind of impossible standard -- the 'perfect activist' -- whose language is inclusive of everyone and offends no one."

15. The Five Stages of Injustice (posted April 12)

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the linkup! #14 - wow, really good! Lots of stuff I've thought.