Monday, April 1, 2013


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1. The God Who Bleeds (posted March 25) "Who would worship a guy they could beat up?"

2. Spiritual abuse (why I left campus crusade for Christ) (posted March 23) "Just in case you actually may believe the garbage my friend was selling: God does not hate you. God does not hate anyone."

3. Pour My Love On You. I love this song. Happy Easter!

4. The Rubber Band (posted March 27) "It wasn’t the same as the other sins, which came through choices, this was more like an incarnation. I could not be clean, I could not be Christian unless I became straight."

5. Jesus Started With the 'Outliers' (posted March 26) "There is this tendency within certain sectors of Christianity to assume that if our theology 'works' for relatively privileged (often for white, upper-middle-class American men), then it should work well enough for everyone else, and everyone else should conform to it."

6. Eight-Year-Old Girl Makes Model of the Solar System Out of Peeps, Wins More Candy (posted March 27) Well, this is awesome.

7. Holy Week for Doubters (posted March 27) "And you will know they are thinking exactly what you used to think about Easter Sunday Christians: Nominal. Lukewarm. Indifferent."

8. Choosing People Over Beliefs (posted March 27) "When people are committing suicide, I don’t care if they are sinning. I want them to live."

9. A Tomato on the Sedar Plate (posted March 28) "It made me wonder how many American Christian families will pray for the peace of Islam on Easter Sunday."

10. #EdgyHeadlines Flips Gender; Illustrates Misogyny In Media And Culture (posted March 27) "Kim Jong Un Threatens US; Are Men Just Too Emotional For Leadership?"

11. Gracie, no one is trying to take one of your parents away. (posted March 19) "I mean, when our eloquent straight ally Zach Wahls describes the two devoted moms who brought him up, he could just as easily ask, 'Which of these two parents did I not need?' and any decent person would have no good answer for him."

12. Pope washes feet of young Muslim woman prisoner in unprecedented twist on Maundy Thursday (posted March 28) My new favorite pope.

13. This ain’t politics and I’m not an f’n lifestyle (posted March 28) "I am a child of God who has been freed by Christ to live fully into the life I have been given."

14. Beware of Thinking Biblically (posted March 5) "The antagonists in the New Testament storyline are those who knew the Scriptures inside and out, who had studied and memorized and dedicated themselves to the applications of its teachings."

Happy Easter everyone! What's been going on on your blog this week?

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