Monday, August 20, 2012


1. 7 Reasons Why Diamonds are a Waste of your Money (posted August 13). I agree with this guy- don't spend a fortune on engagement rings. Personally, I think it should be kinda pretty and not cost much.

2. What's So Threatening About a Changed Mind? (Resisting the Term "Flip-Flopper") (posted August 13). This is an excellent post- changing one's mind isn't automatically a BAD THING.

3. FactChecker: The Cross an Electric Chair? (posted August 15). Some Christians have made the analogy that to wear a cross symbol is like wearing a little electric chair symbol. This article points out the DIFFERENCES between crucifixion and execution by electric chair.

I still like the analogy though- the cross isn't just some cute symbol- it's really horrific.

4. NASA And We Know It video:

5. Dawen Covers "Call Me Maybe" in Chinese (posted August 13). Well, this is awesome. Mandarin cover of "Call Me Maybe."

6. Debunking the "Only Men Are Visual" Myth (posted August 15). Guess what? Women deal with lust. Women want sex. Why have I never heard the church acknowledge this?

7. Tech companies make progress on "blood phones" and "conflict minerals" (posted August 16).

8. The "Just You Wait" Mantra: Is Marriage Really That Hard? (posted August 17). Older Christians like to warn young people that marriage is so hard, you'll have problems and strife, "gloom and doom"... The author of this post talks about how those warnings made her incredibly fearful during her first years of marriage.

I love this article! I hear that message so much- that "marriage is hard." Instead, people should be getting a REALISTIC view of what marriage is like. My guess is that it doesn't always feel magical like in movies, but since I have an incredibly strong desire to be married, for me it would be much better than being single my whole life.

9. Faith Inspires: Yusef Ramelize's "Homeless For A Week" Project (posted August 17). In order to raise money and awareness to help the homeless, Yusef Ramelize, a Muslim man in New York City, lives as a homeless person for a week during Ramadan. Cool.

10. A new recipe for humble pie (posted August 17). A fantastic post about what "humility" is. Are feminists being "selfish" by standing up for our rights, when we should be "humble" and let people oppress others?

11. Marriage Still Means Something (posted August 20). A very interesting post about how the percentage of Americans who get married has dropped, and how the reasons for getting married have changed. Also some analysis and criticism about marriage-related jokes which say that the woman is trying to "catch" the man and he's trying to run away.

Did you see any interesting posts this week? Leave a link in the comments. ^_^

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