Monday, August 13, 2012


Things that Perfectnumber finds interesting:

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1. A woman ref will officiate an NFL game for the first time ever this week (posted August 7). Awesome.

2. What I've Learned Along the Way (posted August 6). It's about how preaching sermons is a hard job for pastors, and it can be discouraging. This inspired me to send a nice postcard to my pastor. If you go to church, I recommend you do this too.

3. 5 Ways You Don't Realize Movies Are Controlling Your Brain (posted August 6). From Some interesting points here.

4. Breastfeeding As Worship (posted August 1). The writer says that Christians are totally screwing up by thinking that breastfeeding is sexual and should be covered up- instead it's an awesome thing that represents giving life and showing God's glory.

Alysia Montano. Image source.
5. Why Alysia Montano wears a flower in her hair during every race (posted August 8). Because she's proud of her femininity. This makes me happy.

6. Seat swap outcry moves Virgin to think again (posted August 10). A man on a plane was forced to switch seats because all men are probably pedophiles and shouldn't sit next to children. This is so many kinds of messed-up.

7. Male synchronized swimming team not welcome at Olympics (posted July 30). "The London Olympics include two sports where men are not allowed: rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming."

8. Arkansas Atheists: Even If It's Unenforceable, the Constitution Still Says We Can't Run for Office (posted August 10). This really surprises me.

9. Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-Up Poses (posted October 4, 2011). Kind of silly, or maybe profound.

10. Olympic Medals Per Capita. Congrats to Grenada, with the highest number of Olympic medals per capita. US ranked 49th, with 1 medal per 3,000,000 Americans.

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