Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Perfect Number Watches VeggieTales "The Star of Christmas" (2002)


Or at least, they love to tell stories about it in chuch. But I don't think I saw people literally living that way. (Note: It is extremely unhealthy to literally live that way.)

All right it turns out I have more to say about "giving without expecting anything in return": In almost all circumstances, when a person gives something, they expect at least a "thank you" or some sign of appreciation in return. And that's FINE. That's perfectly NORMAL. There's nothing wrong with feeling that way- but you should be honest with yourself about how you feel and what you're hoping to get as a result of giving your gift. And evaluate your expectations to see if they're realistic.

What if Dad and Junior came to get Bob and Larry out of jail, and Bob and Larry said "No thanks, we are fine staying in jail for tonight"? Don't you think Dad and Junior would have been upset by that? Like "Hey, we gave up our whole Christmas pageant to come all the way down here for you, and you don't even want it?!!!" Probably, in return for their sacrifice, they were expecting to feel like heroes who did such a good godly thing and even had an opportunity to "share the gospel." They probably weren't even aware that's what they wanted "in return"- they probably truly believed they were "giving without expecting anything in return." But it's very very rare that that's actually the case.


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