Wednesday, June 6, 2018

World's Largest Starbucks (Shanghai, China)

Last year the "Starbucks Reserve Roastery" opened here in Shanghai, and it's the largest Starbucks in the world. I tried to go last year but it was just too crowded and I didn't end up getting in- but I got photos of the outside of the building, which you can see here.

Well I went back again recently and managed to get inside. ^_^ And I want to share it with you, readers~

Here are my photos:

Sign outside that says the hours it's open.

Fancy chocolate for sale.

Here's a sign showing the different ways to grind coffee- very fine, fine, medium, and coarse.

Coffee beans from various parts of the world.

Close-up of the coffee beans from Costa Rica.

Starbucks cups and bottles and things for sale.

There is a bakery that makes a bunch of different cakes.


Pastries for sale. Check out these prices though, WOW. 42 RMB for a thick slice of bread- that's about 6.50 USD. 78 RMB for that cake thing on the right- that's 12 USD.

They're basically just printing money in here. 78 RMB (that's 12 USD) for a sandwich.

This is the menu for drinks. It wasn't like a normal Starbucks with just one counter to order at- there were a bunch of bars throughout the store where you could order drinks. And (unlike a normal Starbucks) there weren't options for various sizes of drinks. (Though DID YOU KNOW that in China, drink sizes in Starbucks are weirdly-named just like in the US? A small is called 中杯 [zhōng bēi] which means "medium cup", a medium is called 大杯 [dà bēi] which means "large cup", and a large is called 超大杯 [chāo dà bēi] which means "super large cup." Starbucks cashiers spend their whole day telling people "a small is a medium." Except at this huge Starbucks because it only had 1 size available.)

Some kind of machine related to making coffee, I guess.

Here are the stairs to the second floor.

Tea set for sale. (1499 RMB is about 230 USD.)


Big machine that spins coffee beans around

Each letter on this big display is a panel that can physically flip to change to different letters. It's really cool to watch them all flip and show a different phrase. In this image it says, "Welcome to Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai."

There were all different types of chairs and tables in this Starbucks. Including these little flat ledges (on the second floor) you could set a drink or a laptop on, and look down at the first floor.

Those are my photos from the world's largest Starbucks! Where else should I go in Shanghai? :)


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