Wednesday, June 13, 2018

2018 Reader Survey Wrap-Up

A man with a clipboard asks survey questions to 2 penguins. Image source.
Thank you to everyone who took the 2018 Reader Survey! You are all wonderful. My favorite parts from the survey responses:
  1. All your nice comments
  2. There was a box where you could write your religion (or lack thereof) and ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PERSON wrote a DIFFERENT thing. Including several spelling variations of "atheist." I lolled.
  3. A few of the comments said "you helped me figure out I'm asexual" which just makes my little ace heart so happy. <3
Anyway, the survey had a list of topics where you could pick the ones you want to see more of. I'll take the top 5 results and write a post specifically for each of them, some time over the next 2 months or so. Here they are:
  1. purity culture - Miss me with your "we are all sexually broken" hot takes. I'm asexual.
  2. sex - Scripts
  3. evangelical Christianity - Cut Out the Middleman (or, why I am the master and commander of my own life)
  4. the Christianity that Perfect Number believes now - But if that doesn't help you, that's fine too
  5. feminism - Feminism 101: The Bechdel Test
Excellent! Stay tuned for posts about those~

Thanks again to everyone who took the survey! And thanks for reading~

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