Friday, June 8, 2018


This picture of Loki just caused me to stumble. Image source.
1. Read your Bible and drink your coffee (posted May 16) "ABS’ phrase about Bible-readers’ “need for it on a daily basis” just seems weirder and more disturbing the more one thinks about it."

2. Never Do a Superhero Landing (posted May 31) An important science-y video about the forces involved if you land on your knee and fist.

3. it’s a girl: the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven (posted February 19) "Bible versions traditionally translate the personal pronoun here as ‘him’, but the personal pronoun in the Greek is ‘it’ following the neuter grammatical gender of ‘child’. The gender of the child is not mentioned [by the narrator of the Greek gospel of Matthew], and the Greek provides no clues."

4. Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test (posted June 1) "For [poorer kids], daily life holds fewer guarantees: There might be food in the pantry today, but there might not be tomorrow, so there is a risk that comes with waiting."

5. On Being Booted Off Patheos: Patheos Bloggers Speak Out (posted May 29) Warren Throckmorton's blog has been *mysteriously* removed from the Patheos Evangelical Channel, and it's suspicious as hell.

6. The kingdom of heaven is like thousands of Irish women flying home to vote to repeal the 8th.

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