Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Xiamen, China (part 2)

More photos from our trip to 厦门 Xiamen~

(These are all from 鼓浪屿 Gulangyu Island.)

You know how in last week's post there was a piano museum? Well there is also a completely separate organ museum.

From Gulangyu Island, you can look across the water and see the tall buildings of the city of Xiamen.

This is a giant statue of 郑成功 Zheng Chenggong, who got took Taiwan back from Japanese rule.

There is a statue garden dedicated to 林巧稚 Lin Qiaozhi, a (female) Chinese ob-gyn who helped make a lot of advances in China's medical system. (The writing under the statue says she lived from 1901 to 1983.)

Another statue related to Lin Qiaozhi


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