Thursday, April 20, 2017


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1. Are You Demanding Time for Yourself in Your Marriage? Sharing this because I was struck by how there could easily be an article on a site like The Gospel Coalition with the exact same title, but completely opposite meaning. The link here is from the site A Practical Wedding, which has really useful, feminist advice on weddings, marriage, and being an adult, and it's an article about how it's important for everyone to have some time just for themselves but usually women are expected to do everything and they feel like they're not allowed to insist on "me-time." Very very interesting how the words "demanding" and "yourself" have completely different meanings in feminism vs conservative Christianity.

2. The Gaston Song Explained (posted April 11) "He must be spending a fortune on eggs, I mean that other lady can't even afford six. ... And are the six eggs just for her? I mean, I am personally content with three and I'm a pretty big guy. Does anyone in this town eat anything but eggs?"

3. 24 Seriously Annoying Things That Happen In Every Sex Scene (posted April 14) [NSFW] "The main sexual move appears to be rolling around together while seemingly not actually having sex."

4. The Bible and Mental Illness (posted April 9) "What I perceived as a spiritual attack or some sort of separation from God was a medical issue."

5. The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI (posted April 11) I work in robotics, and deep learning is really not as scary as this article makes it sound. Still a good article worth reading, facts are correct but it's a little over-the-top with the whole "oh noes we don't know why the computer made this decision oh the horror" stuff.

6. We tested bots like Siri and Alexa to see who would stand up to sexual harassment (posted February 22) I'm all for programming female robots to not take this crap from anyone.

7. Holy Saturday (posted April 15)

8. The Greatest Story Never Told (posted 2015) "In all my years in church I don’t recall ever once hearing a preacher acknowledge from the pulpit that a bunch of people were raised from the dead and appeared to many on Easter weekend. Have you ever heard one talk about this?"

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