Thursday, April 6, 2017


Three doggies on a couch. Image source.
1. Moana Theory: Tamatoa's True Identity (posted March 28) Wow, now THAT is a fan theory.

2. Mike Pence May Be Extremely Close to His Wife Karen, but That Doesn’t Mean He Respects Women (posted March 29)

3. "Show me the receipts" (posted 2016) "That Jesus retains the scars of his crucifixion in his resurrected body tells us that God respects our traumas too much to forget them."

4. Mike Pence’s Dinner Rule Is Only the Beginning (posted April 3) "Evangelical concern about sexual impropriety goes so far that schools like PCC require men and women to use different stairwells to prevent any chance of private contact between members of the opposite gender."

5. Rayford Pence and ‘the Billy Graham rule’ (posted March 31) "Rules like this don’t address the real solution to their problem, which is that they need to learn not to be creepy. That necessary lesson becomes all the more difficult if you’re following a strict practice that trains you to regard every encounter with every woman as dangerously fraught with erotic potential."

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