Thursday, April 13, 2017


1. 'How Am I Supposed To Explain This To My Kids?!' (Explained) (posted March 30) "Going a step further, there are likely many kids in your school who are openly, flamboyantly bigoted, themselves. It is imperative that you stay away from these people. Their hatred is not contagious like a disease, but if you surround yourself with enough of these people for a long enough time, you could be influenced into sharing their views. No child of mine is going to indulge in that immoral, sinful behavior. Not under my roof."

2. Sunday favorites (posted April 2) "Yes, you say, he is cheating and he is only pretending to be weak and trembling. What! Do you not fear that lightning from Heaven will fall on you for this word?"

3. Who is my neighbor? (posted April 4) "Two general rules about Jesus stories. No. 1: You don’t want to be the guy asking 'Who is my neighbor?'"

4. Being Intersex  —  More Than a Diagnosis (posted 2016) "I felt alone in my experiences, and almost never discussed what I had been through with anyone."

5. Dear Microsoft: absolutely not. (posted April 5) "Microsoft, where’s your ad campaign telling adult male scientists not to rape their colleagues in the field?"

6. I Abused Children For A Living (posted April 3) [content note: abusive therapy for autism] "Would you comply with demands if tortured enough? Probably. Does that make it effective?"

7. Every story I have read about Trump supporters in the past week (posted April 4) "Their waiter is David Mattress, a sentient robot who will be shut down if Trump’s budget is put into practice. He loves Trump, insofar as love is possible for him. When asked “Don’t you realize the contradiction of this position?” the other regulars leap up and shout at me because the last time this question was posed to him, David short-circuited and emitted large quantities of smoke."

8. America’s first female mayor was elected 130 years ago. Men nominated her as a cruel joke. (posted April 7)

9. Shame on You for Thinking Prayer Does Anything (posted April 7) "I’ve noticed that the more “mature” a person’s faith becomes, the more it evolves to fit the way life actually works (as opposed to the way the Bible claims it will)."

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