Thursday, September 22, 2016


Colin Kaepernick and a second football player taking a knee. Image text: "This is what spiritual warfare looks like. #DetoxifyChristianity #BlackLivesMatter" Image source.
1. Gender reasoning exercises: Symbol, substance, and tabooing your words (More Trans, module 1-1) (posted August 31) "What’s being expressed here when the penis itself is treated as some inherently self-explanatory reason why the body attached to it shouldn’t be present in women’s facilities?"

2. How our elevated terrorism fears turned into something more dangerous (posted September 9) "But the problem was that killing some witches doesn't necessarily get rid of witches. Instead, it just makes you think there are more of them."

3. Bumped Off (posted September 13) "When I returned to school [after having a baby], my guidance counselor refused to help me apply for college. Her assumption was that because, statistically, girls like me are less likely to graduate high school, it would be a waste of her time to help me prepare for college."

4. Donald Trump’s one idea: The only thing that matters in this election (posted September 6) "That big idea is this: Some people are legitimate Americans and other people — regardless of citizenship — are illegitimate and not really real Americans at all."

5. Hurricane Gaston Song Full Video and Lyrics (posted September 3) "No one storms like Gaston / Makes clouds form like Gaston / Disrupts meteorological norms like Gaston."

6. Every word of this is true, urgent, and necessary (posted September 10) "'Deplorable' is a fancy word. Let’s just call it something simpler: sin. We’re supposed to deplore sin. To do otherwise is to become complicit in it."

7. Donald Trump’s birther event is the greatest trick he’s ever pulled (posted September 16)

8. What ‘SJW’ really means (posted September 13) "What is being scorned, rather, is the very idea and standards of that framework — the idea that “social justice” is, in fact, a Good Thing."

And these follow-up posts:
The suffix ‘-lover’ isn’t useful for constructing insults
No, ‘SJW’ is not used to deflate pompous Comstockian moralists. That’s not how it’s used at all.
The more important point about “-lover” suffix insults

9. Utah Cheerleaders Feel 'Body Shamed' After Male Classmate Complains That Their Skirts Led to 'Impure' Thoughts (posted September 15) The farther I get from modesty culture, the more utterly ridiculous it seems. A boy reported that he had "impure thoughts" because of a girl's clothing, and, bizarrely, adults responded in some way besides "well that sounds like your own damn problem."

Hmm. You know, it's because in modesty culture/ purity culture, policing people's thoughts is so important. SO IMPORTANT, in fact, that we need all women to help out in the policing of men's thoughts. If "I had a random thought about sex" wasn't seen as a huge disaster, modesty culture wouldn't exist.

10. Statutory Rape in Christian Homeschool Perspective (posted September 12) [content note: rape, rape culture, purity culture] "From my community’s perspective, however, the crime was the girl’s loss of virginity, something she will never get back and something the perpetrator could make right by marrying her."

11. Uncovering the problem of forced marriage in the U.S. (posted September 14) "I knew that I wasn’t going to say no. This was God’s will. God had spoken. And it was just not even an option."

12. The Origins of the Phrase 'Black-on-Black Crime' (posted 2015) "The term fit very well for that time period because it pointed to urban African Americans as being responsible for their own problems."

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