Thursday, September 1, 2016


A doggie in a bathtub with foamy bubbles on its head. Image source.
1. University Of Texas Students Start School Year With ‘Cocks Not Glocks’ Anti-Gun Protest (posted August 25) "On Wednesday, protests organizers shouting slogans like: “If you are packing heat, we are packing meat,” handed out hundreds of sex toys, many donated by area stores. They also handed out plastic zip ties so that protesters could strap the sex toys on to their backpacks in a sign of defiance against campus carry."

2. Pokemon Go on xkcd. I lolled so much.

3. Franchesca Ramsey explains why these “excuses for slavery” need to stop (posted August 26) "If aliens abducted your brother, sister, and favorite uncle, and stuck a feeding tube down their throats while forcing them to build their emperor's house, would you think 'well at least the aliens fed my family'?"

4. This Star Wars trailer, which uses scenes from all 7 movies, is pretty cool.

5. The Burkini-Bikini False Equivalence and Your Disproportionate Outrage (posted August 24) "When a woman’s community acceptance, respect, dignity, employability, marriagiability, physical safety, enfranchisement, social mobility, access to social institutions, freedom, and autonomy hinge upon her daily, unwavering, public adherence to the bikini, then we can make this comparison."

6. How It Feels To Conquer Your Shame (posted August 16) [content note: descriptions of sexual assault] "I tell them I’ve been in “ex-gay” therapy my whole life, that I’m still there today."

7. Pro-Life Science and Abortion (posted August 7) "'Scientifically' life does not begin, it is transmitted. There is no non-living link in human reproduction. The scientific answer to 'When does life begin?' is 'Three billion years ago.'"

8. How Hair Style Could Be Linked to Weight in Teen Girls (posted August 25) "Are black adolescent girls engaging in sports less often because of concerns about their hair?"

9. Complaint: Citing Catholic Rules, Doctor Turns Away Bleeding Woman With Dislodged IUD (posted August 23) "Not only could she not help her, the doctor said, but no one in Jones’ health insurance network could remove the IUD, because all of them followed similar restrictions."

10. By the Skin on My Teeth (posted August 29) "I survived the battle, yes, but the battle did happen, and it fucking hurt."

11. Someone Made a Sign for Religious People Outside a Memorial Service (posted August 28) Good.

12. Pixar Theory: Toy Story's True Villain (posted August 25) Oooh. Lots of evidence for this fan theory.

13. How the Trigger Warning Debate Exposes Our F*cked Up Views on Mental Illness (posted August 29) "It’s interesting how our society has such a stigma against going to therapy, but bring up trigger warnings, and suddenly everyone’s a tireless advocate for 'exposure therapy.'"

14. Data Raps. Any Star Trek fans? This is fantastic.

15. Here’s How an Off-the-Grid Homeschooled Christian Girl Escaped Her Parents and Became a Legal Human (posted August 31)

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