Thursday, September 15, 2016


A dog wearing a vest that says "搜爆犬 EXPLOSIVE DOG." Image source.
1. How Hillary Clinton can get that ‘presidential look’ (posted September 7) "To Get This Look: Someone just to the left of the portrait painter has just told you disturbing news, but you cannot do anything about it until the painter finishes. Also, you have just been mildly electrocuted. Accessorize with your best curtain."

2. The Church told me my body was a temple – made for a man (posted August 9) "It wasn’t ever instilled in me to love my body, since it rightfully belonged to someone else."

3. The Party of Family Values, My Foot! (posted September 6) "He has never been accused of infidelity. He has never been on the cover of Playboy. He has never left a wife for another woman. He speaks of Michelle with respect, honor, and admiration. Pictures of him with his daughters are a sight to behold. And yet, evangelicals accused this family man of being the antichrist, and worse."

4. The Making of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Greatest Episode, 'The Inner Light' (posted September 8)

5. Things Bones McCoy Is Not, Ranked (posted September 8) "He also famous for explaining, angrily, that he is a doctor and literally nothing else."

6. Simone Giertz is Queen of Crappy Robots (posted September 3)

7. Get angry about Brock Turner’s crime. But don’t use it as a reason to pass bad laws. (posted September 9) It's a problem that can't be fixed by passing a new law, because that new law will exist in a system that discriminates against women and people of color, enforced by people who are [overtly or subconsciously] biased against women and people of color. BUT we shouldn't take that to mean that passing laws won't do any good at all. We should use real-world data to figure out what kind of law would be helpful, and what kind of law tends to bring about very shady unintended consequences.

8. How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people’s money (posted September 10)

And happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone! 中秋节快乐!

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