Thursday, March 24, 2016


Two adorable yellow labs, running in from the water together, both holding on to the same fetch toy. Image source.
1. If Jesus Had To Die Before We Could Be Forgiven, I Have A Few More Questions (posted March 14) "Why did God prevent Herod from killing baby Jesus?"

And also this one: If God Needed A Blood Sacrifice For Sin, God Is Not Holy. Wow.

2. Examples of Evolution Right on Our Own Bodies (posted March 18) Cool!

3. They have always been here. If you didn’t know that before, it’s because you couldn’t be trusted to know. (posted March 15) "That’s also how white evangelical gatekeepers have always responded to decades of polling that consistently shows that a solid third of white evangelicals are pro-choice. That confounds them. They find it baffling — impossible, inconceivable. No white evangelical preacher has ever advocated such a thing. No white evangelical publication has ever permitted such thoughts to be printed."

4. Bernie Sanders can still lead a political revolution — even if he loses (posted March 15) "He showed that there's a coalition ready to support and finance candidates that embrace a more democratic style of politics than mainstream Democrats thought possible."

5. Pixar Theory: How The Incredibles Got Their Powers. "Mrs. Incredible is able to expertly pilot a jet, perform evasive manuevers, use proper military jargon on the radio, and then after they crash, recognize the signs of short-range land-based missiles. ... That is all the result of high-level training."

6. The rise of Donald Trump may disprove the possibility of time travel (posted March 17) "But note what we haven’t yet seen — the sudden appearance of dozens of time-traveling visitors from the future desperately scrambling to prevent that from happening. That’s surprising."

7. An ‘old Cherokee story’ and other lies from the pulpit (posted March 19) "It’s a slippery slope, you know. It starts with questioning the historicity of the gorilla being overcharged for a beer and it ends with a denial of the resurrection, the death of God, nihilism and despair."

8. Transgender and Christian: Heaven and Hell (posted March 16) "And if we can say that, that we are assured of a place in God's kingdom, then we are assured of a place in God's family today too, and every day of our lives." Preach.

9. Witty Church Sign Sparks Revival (posted March 23) Lololol.

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