Thursday, March 10, 2016


1. Americans Google 'How To Move To Canada' After Donald Trump Super Tuesday Wins (posted March 2)

2. How I’ve Learned (and Unlearned) Parenting (posted February 29)

3. Hendrix and I saw the movie “Zootopia.” YOU GUYS. It looks like a cute little Disney cartoon with talking animals, but it’s actually about racism and living in a multicultural society. Wow. This is really good movie.

Judy (bunny) and Nick (fox) from Disney's "Zootopia." Image source.
4. Mark Driscoll corrupted Mars Hill's mission with 'institutionalised racketeering', says lawsuit (posted March 1)

5. Watching a Demagogue Rise (posted March 3) “Trump got everyone wanting to make every Muslim walk the plank and you haven’t even had a single Muslim nation drone you.”

6. My Gen X Hillary problem: I know why we don’t “like” Clinton (posted March 3) “I’m supporting her because as a member of Generation X, I’ve lived through enough to understand that if Hillary were a man she’d be the front-runner hands-down. I haven’t suffered the overt sexism of earlier generations, but in its place has come a more oblique, more insidious variant. It’s the kind that makes you question whether the fault might lie with you and your abilities. It gives rise to questions about why people aren’t enthusiastic about you, why they didn’t like it when you took a strident tone with them and then, when you adjusted course, complained that you weren’t aggressive enough, or why there’s something about you that just feels wrong. In politics people call this likability.”

7. The Other Side: Samuel’s Story (Evangel University) (posted March 4) “I was to tell people that I was just a man ‘struggling with homosexuality.’”

8. Black students ejected from Trump rally in Ga. (posted March 1)

9. A Look at Yesterday’s Supreme Court Abortion Hearings (posted March 3) “That’s—that’s odd that you point to the New Mexico facility. New Mexico doesn’t have any surgical—ASC requirement, and it doesn’t have any admitting requirement. So if your argument is right, then New Mexico is not an available way out for Texas because Texas says to protect our women, we need these things. But send them off to Mexico—New Mexico—New Mexico where they don’t get it either, no admitting privileges, no ASC. And that’s perfectly all right. Well, if that’s all right for the—the women in the El Paso area, why isn’t it right for the rest of the women in Texas?” Y’all. I hope you all realize that none of the people who are advocating “we need to put more restrictions on abortion clinics in order to protect women’s health” are actually trying to protect women’s health. None. None of them. Not a single one. (Wow, it just occurred to me that some onlooker might innocently assume that these people actually are motivated by protecting women’s health, and then become super confused. Oh, poor thing.) The only purpose of these laws is to make it harder to get an abortion. They want to “protect women’s health” in the sense that “we know that abortion is ALWAYS the wrong choice and we are protecting you from making that choice.”

10. Christian, It’s Okay to Change Your Mind (posted 2015) “Like many Christians, I found myself within a spiritual community that while extremely loving, seemed at the end of the day highly conditional. I received acceptance and inclusion of course, but it always felt as if these things were most predicated on me believing what I was supposed to believe.”

11. Peanut allergy theory backed up by new research (posted March 5) Great!

12. The young adult heroine you never knew was a real woman (posted February 24)

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