Thursday, March 17, 2016


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1. Abortion Opponents Move the Goalposts (part 3) (posted March 9) "Did you know that people who have coronary bypass surgeries are more likely to die of heart trouble than people who don’t have coronary bypass surgery? Clearly, the next time someone comes in to have a coronary bypass surgery we’ll have to deny it, because people who never have a coronary bypass surgery are healthier than those who do!"

2. Christian Purity Site: Girls Who Dress Immodestly Reduce Their Own “Value and Respect” (posted March 11) This is my surprised face. Oh, nope, it's not.

3. Skirmishes erupt after Trump cancels Chicago rally over security concerns (posted March 11)

4. What Are Trump Fans Really ‘Afraid’ to Say? (posted March 11) "Once you say, “He says what I’m afraid to say,” and point to a man who is essentially a 24/7 fire hose of unequivocal bigotry, you’ve said what you’re afraid to say, so how afraid could you have been in the first place?"

5. Recovery Room: The Bible as an Instrument of Self-Harm (posted March 10) OH MY GOODNESS I relate to this SO MUCH.

6. Bible Verses Where The Word “Forgiveness” Has Been Replaced With “Um, I Was Kidding. It’s A Joke“ (posted March 3) "and they shall bring their offering, a sacrifice made by fire unto the Lord, and their sin offering before the Lord, to apologize for making a joke I guess, sorry for trying to lighten the mood."

7. Where Are the Radical Politics of Modern Star Trek? (posted March 11) "The identities of the original Enterprise crew were incredibly radical ... in 1963. Today, a principle cast featuring mostly white men and token people of color in mostly secondary roles should not be considered diverse."

8. Credit scores and the Mark of the Beast (posted March 8) "So we’re looking for a three-digit number without which no one will be permitted to buy or sell. Credit scores, people, think about it."

9. PancakeBot Makes It Appropriate To Play With Your Food (posted March 11) Oh my goodness this is so cool.

10. The Parable of the Shower "The great and terrible laughter of the angel of the one true God makes thy knees tremble, but thou refusest to fall down upon them. For one thing, the shower in which thou showerest is slippery, and the LORD knows it is simple enough to break an ankle or a hip or an arm in the shower without the intervention of an angel of the LORD. Missus Van Metre down the hall suffered this very affliction five months past, and thou hadst to fetch and carry for her from the apartment to the hospital, bear pajamas and the daily mail, as thou art the most young and hale person upon the sixteenth floor and the cry would have been great against you if thou hadst not."

11. Donald Trump wavers on paying legal fees for violent supporters (posted March 15)

12. Black Lives Matter movement sees series of victories in midwest elections (posted March 16)

13. How Kasich’s Anti-Choice Policies Are Really Impacting Women In Ohio (posted March 15) "What the bill does not do, however, is prevent Planned Parenthood or any other organization from performing abortions. It just makes sure Planned Parenthood can't administer women's health programs in Ohio that they've been in charge of for years -- programs that provide services like HIV testing for minorities; check-ins with mothers to prevent infant mortality; and breast cancer screening for low-income women, to name a few." So I guess Kasich is one of the ones that's so pro-life he'll sacrifice women/babies' lives for it.

14. Tearing the Robe Twice: Christian Parenting and the Rape of Tamar (posted March 10) [content note: rape, child sexual abuse] "It is heartbreaking that Tamar’s first response to rape is not to run for help or seek justice. Her first response is realize she is no longer “worthy” of her beautiful robes, that she will now be considered less valuable. “The king’s virgin daughters wore robes like this” — but she will never wear such robes again."

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