Tuesday, December 29, 2015


An adorable fluffy cat sleeping on top of an adorable fluffy dog. Image source.
1. #FeministXmasSongs Will Bring Joy to Everyone Who Wants Equality This Year (posted December 23) "Rudolph the red nose reindeer/ Had a very shiny nose/ & if you ever saw it/ You wouldn't pass judgement b/c yr body positive"

2. How the BB-8 Sphero Toy Works [video] (posted October 1, so no spoilers for episode VII) You know the BB-8 droid in Star Wars Episode VII? That technology is real. Check it out here.

3. This tweet:

Leia: help me obi wan kenobi, you're my only hope
Obi Wan: sending thoughts and prayers
Image source.
4. The Biggest Justice Movements of 2015 (posted December 23)

5. The North Carolina town that's scared of solar panels, revisited (posted December 18) "It's easy to mock goofy and irrational of fears about solar farms, but they are only an expression of deeper anxieties."

6. How "White Christianity" Beat Academic Freedom at Wheaton (posted December 22)

7. Rey is not a role model for little girls (major spoilers ahead) (posted December 21) "Do you think in their play time that girls don’t fly the Falcon?" THIS. Read this. (But watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" first, because this article has spoilers.)

8. Star Wars Merch’s Sexism Problem: #WheresRey Highlights Dearth in Female Toys (posted December 22) "The #WheresRey hashtag first trended over a month ago when Star Wars fans noticed a shocking lack of Daisy Ridley in Disney’s onslaught of The Force Awakens merchandising. The hashtag took aim at the glaring lack of Ridley’s Jakku scavenger heroine Rey from a Target exclusive toy six-pack that included her three new male co-stars John Boyega (as Finn), Oscar Isaac (as Poe Dameron), and Adam Driver (as the Sith junior lord Kylo Ren) alongside Chewbacca, an unnamed Storm Trooper, and an unnamed First Order pilot." SPOILERS HERE.

9. Why Grand Juries Don’t Indict Cops When They Kill (posted 2014) "Even after the fact, the American legal system consistently judges these decisions as reasonable, even when there is seemingly incontrovertible evidence that police acted irresponsibly."

10. This image I made:

Image: Kylo Ren. Text: "Turn to page three hundred and ninety four." Image source.
because I agree 100% with this tweet:

11. Please be impotently polite in responding to our uncivil abuse of power (posted December 22) "That’s nonsense. Suspending a tenured professor based on an implausible twisting of her words is not polite."

12. Tribune report contradicts Wheaton’s sanctimonious official story (posted December 23) "So, then, everything that has gotten Hawkins in trouble with the white male administrators of Wheaton College has had something to do with either race or sexuality. But those same white men insist that their determination to find some reason to fire the first black woman to get tenure in the 155-year history of the school has nothing to do with her being a black woman."

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