Monday, December 7, 2015


Image description: Nativity scene with chess pieces. A little stable with a king, queen, pawn, and two knights.
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1. Top 5 Snubbed Disney Princesses Totally agree. Also Esmeralda should be on this list.

2. Why Do We Humanize White Guys Who Kill People? (posted December 2) "To be sure, white men may be charged, tried and convicted; they may be regarded as brutish criminals. But they can be simultaneously understood as human beings, driven by conflicting emotions, able — even in their criminality — to have experienced loss and confusion and anger and love, emotions we do not imaginatively afford America’s poor and black, the men and women who often find their way into our news cycles simply by having the audacity to live in a world that was not built for and around them."

3. Physicians Demand End To 20-Year-Old Ban On Gun Violence Research (posted December 2) Wait, what? What? A ban on research? WTF?

4. Museum Statement on Syrian Refugees (posted November 19) From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Which reminds me, have y'all donated to help the refugees yet? Have you contacted your local politicians? (You can do those things on the Church World Service website.)

5. Christian Terrorist Robert Dear and the Army of God (posted December 2) and also this: Planned Parenthood Worker Tweets Every Act of Terrorism She Faced Working at a Clinic

6. Can Faith-Based Organizing for Gun Control Work? (posted December 1) "The foot soldiers in this pro-life movement would stage regular protests outside gun shops and gun shows. They’d make trips to the art supply store, and come equipped with sidewalk chalk, which they’d use to draw a big heart on the pavement at the parking lot entrance, emblazoned with the words, “God loves you.” These words are designed to stop you from doing something you’ll regret."

7. #BodiesMatter: Gunpowder (posted December 4) "I could tell you what it felt like to have someone else standing to my defense with yet another gun — it did not, in any way, feel safer."

8. LifeWay Research gets it backwards on abortion (posted December 2) "Anyone who says, 'How could a third of evangelicals be pro-choice? I’ve never met such a person' is really saying, 'I’m the kind of person who has made it clear that I don’t want to hear from or to listen to anyone else, especially women.'"

9. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prisoner Re-entry (posted November 8)

10. So I'm in the process of watching all 6 Star Wars movies, and, you guys, Hayden Christensen is ... causing me to stumble.

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. Image source.
Have a good week, everyone!

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