Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New York City [photos]

So last time I was in the US, I stopped by New York City and saw ALL THE THINGS. And here they are:
The giant Macy's store
Times Square
Times Square at night
Times Square at night
Times Square at night
M&M's store
Inside the M&M's store, you can buy an M&M Statue of Liberty
Street sign for Broadway
Tour bus. I went to all the touristy places so there were a lot of these around.
Giant Toys R Us store, with Lego Statue of Liberty and Lego King Kong on the Empire State Building.
Madame Tussaud's wax museum. Morgan Freeman was there.
Brooklyn Bridge
AMERICAN FOOD, YOU GUYS. Cheesesteak sandwiched between waffles, with waffle fries and onion rings. Yeah.
So I went to the Chinese consulate (because bureaucracy), and there were dueling groups of protesters there. The ones in this picture were protesting China's treatment of members of the Fa Lun Gong religion. The opposing protesters held a banner that said Fa Lun Gong is a cult. Honesty I don't know the whole story.
Chrysler building
Grand Central Station
When you forgot to wear pants to school. (Big painting at the New York Public Library)
"Starry Night" at the Museum of Modern Art
Chinese boat with a ton of arrows in it- this art is based on some old Chinese legend apparently. (Museum of Modern Art)
I love really weird art like this. So you have a bike wheel sticking out the top of a stool, and a shovel hanging from the ceiling. I seem to remember that actually these are 2 unrelated works of art, but I like to imagine they're together.
Soup cans at the Museum of Modern Art
NBC studios is in here apparently
The New York Times
Radio City Music Hall
Rockefeller Center
This "no smoking" sign was interesting to me because it has Chinese on it too. (Traditional Chinese, like they have in Taiwan, and like mainland China used before the 1950s. Now we use simplified Chinese characters, but they're similar enough that there's no problem reading this sign.)
New York City is full of pigeons
Tom's Restaurant- do you recognize it?
How about from this angle?
(This is the restaurant from Seinfeld.)
Content note: the next 2 photos are from the 9/11 Memorial

So this is the big fountain at the 9/11 Memorial where they carved the names of the people who died.
On September 11, hundreds of people ran down these stairs to get out of the towers. (9/11 Museum)
Here's the Statue of Liberty. It's on an island- I didn't go to the island, just took a picture from way over here.
Here's Trump Tower, if anybody cares
Central Park. You guys, Central Park is HUGE.
Balto statue in Central Park
Here's where you can rent remote-control boats in Central Park.
Sea lion show at the Central Park Zoo
The Central Park Zoo has a ton of birds. I'll just show you this one picture of ducks and I think that mostly sums it up.
Red pandas at the Central Park Zoo
Penguins at the Central Park Zoo
There was also a petting zoo with like, sheep and stuff.
Wall Street bull
Wall Street bull
Maybe my favorite part of being in New York City was the subway system. Elsewhere in the US, without a car I have no choice but to wait for other people with cars to drive me places. But in a city with good public transportation, I can be a lot more independent.

Shanghai's subway is way better though.

Also I love how NYC is so diverse, and there's so many different kinds of good food, and you can hear people speaking Chinese (and tons of other languages) just walking down the street.

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