Monday, August 24, 2015


"Remember, there's no 'i' in 'team.'"
"No, but there's a 'u' in 'people who apparently don't understand the relationship between orthography and meaning.'"
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1. No, NY Times, enslaved African women could not be the mistresses of those who claimed to own them (posted August 17) "...using words to describe any sexual contact between slaveholders and slaves—words that imply it was either romantic, consensual, or optional—is not just wrong, it's sick and offensive."

2. Sexual Preference Cakes We Are Willing To Bake (posted August 7) "We will obviously bake a cake for your heterosexual wedding, but only if you prove that you’re straight by performing a sexually explicit act in the back room of the bakery."

3. How Are Televangelists Still Able To Scam People Out Of Their Hard Earned Money? (posted August 17) "Therefore, as long as people are getting saved, we tend to give a free pass to the people doing the saving (and their methods) by saying things like 'God works in spite of...' or 'Well, at least some people are getting saved.'"

4. Christians taught me I can't trust my deceitful heart (posted August 12) "This indoctrination hasn’t just affected my ability to make decisions– the most drastic way it’s affected me is that I still can’t trust my opinion of myself."

5. This baby seal:

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6. [trigger warning: rape] Bill Gothard Explains Road Safety (aka How Not to Get Raped) (posted August 17) and Are Women Biblically Required to “Cry Out” During Rape?

7. What It's Like To Be Intersex (posted March 28)

8. Donald Trump’s First Policy Plan Is Even More Racist Than You Think It Is (posted August 17) "[In 1866] some members of Congress expressed concerns that this provision would extend citizenship to immigrant populations they viewed as undesirable, including 'the Chinese population in California and the West, and the Gypsy or Roma communities in eastern states such as Pennsylvania.'"

9. Disrupters, witnesses, and bridge-builders: three different tactics in the struggle for justice (posted August 18) "A disrupter‘s role is to create pressure when a group of people are dragging their heels in having uncomfortable conversations and taking a public stand for justice."

10. These Hilarious Harry Potter Comics Show How Irresponsible Dumbledore Was (posted August 18) "Are we just going to watch an empty lake for an hour"

11. Why Grown-Ups Need Sex Ed Too: Exposing the Long-Term Harm of Abstinence-Only Teachings (posted August 13) "Abstinence-only teachings result in a perpetual cycle of scared, unprepared girls who think they have no choice but to bear the “consequences of their sin.”"

12. 16 Trans People (That We Know Of) Have Been Murdered this Year (posted August 17)

13. Campaign Zero. About ending police violence.

14. Josh Duggar Spent Nearly $1000 to Cheat on His Wife and Josh Duggar Blames Porn and Satan in Public Statement. Pray for Anna.

15. Would Mike Huckabee send the FBI to protect the personhood of this 40-year-old unborn twin? (posted August 20) "That unborn twin was not viable, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from critics of Roe v. Wade and the rest of the anti-abortion movement, it’s that viability means nothing. Life begins at conception, they insist — at the moment of fertilization."

16. Fertility clinics destroy embryos all the time. Why aren’t conservatives after them? (posted August 14) "This distinction cannot be based on principle — if life begins at conception, then anti-choice groups have every reason to put the estimated 400,000 to 1 million frozen embryos in the United States at the forefront of their efforts."

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