Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Blogaversary!

Hooray! Tell Me Why the World Is Weird is now 2 years old!

Celebrate! Image source.

So now is the time when I look at last year's blogaversary post and see if I actually did any of the stuff I said I would do this year.

Hmm. I kind of did some of the stuff.

Moving right along, let's talk about what I blogged about this year:


So Stephanie Spencer does this linkup every week where you get to write a post about a psalm. I've been participating since last April, when I wrote about Psalm 51, and I've been plodding away at it every week (more or less) since then.

This has definitely been really good for me. It reminds me to pray and think about God and stuff. ^_^

I live in China!

Okay did I mention I live in China? Only in like, every post, right?

I moved here last summer, and I have a job teaching English to adults. And oh man, I'm so happy. This was SO DEFINITELY a good decision.

Top 10 posts in the past year:

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"Where were you when it mattered?"

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Purity: My boyfriend the aggressor

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Feminism 101: Patriarchy

Easter in Chinese

Now, readers, I'd like to ask for some input. Take my survey and tell me what you think of Tell Me Why The World Is Weird.

Let's have another great year! ^_^

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