Monday, April 14, 2014


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1. In Search of a Better Gospel (posted April 3) "Last week was, I believe, a head-on collision between these two gospels."

2. why purity culture doesn’t teach consent (posted April 3) "They don’t teach consent because teaching consent would undermine one of their basic assumptions about people. Namely, the assumption that every single last person– most especially men, but also women– are basically nymphos who are straining at their leashes every single second of every single day and if you let that sex-crazed beast out for even just a moment then BAM it’s all over and you’re not a virgin anymore and that’s horrible because now you’re a half-eaten candybar or a cup full of spit."

3. Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney (posted March 7) "But what draws kids like Owen to these movies is something even more elemental. Walt Disney told his early animators that the characters and the scenes should be so vivid and clear that they could be understood with the sound turned off. Inadvertently, this creates a dream portal for those who struggle with auditory processing, especially, in recent decades, when the films can be rewound and replayed many times."

4. A “God’s Not Dead” Retrospective: The Day I Debated the M.Div. Dean of My College. (posted April 4) "A chemical rush went through my entire body as I spoke, which I took to mean that Jesus was speaking through me."

5. Everything You Don’t Know About Tipping (posted April 2) Lots of information here, with pictures and infographics.

6. Voice of Winnie the Pooh reading Darth Vader lines (posted April 7) "She must have hidden the plans in the escape pod. Oh bother."

7. Matthew 18 abuse needs to stop (posted April 10) "Christians who have treated others badly — who have, in fact, sinned against their brothers and sisters — treat this text like it’s their Miranda rights."

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