Monday, April 21, 2014


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1. Matthew the τελώνης (“Toll Collector”) and the Authorship of the First Gospel (posted April 15) "This view of Matthew’s occupation does not cast Matthew, a tax collector, as someone deeply familiar with Jewish Law or with extensive religious training. The problem is, however, that the Gospel of Matthew is the most Jewish out of the canonical Gospels."

2. Good Friday Means Nothing Without Easter Sunday (posted April 18) "In particular, today’s Christian has a tendency to reduce the Gospel to Good Friday. The result? Grace is also reduced to one theme: atonement—to Christ shouldering and then reversing the wrath of God."

3. Haha. This picture:

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4. Holy Saturday (posted April 18) "Seriously, just look around. Does it look like the meek are inheriting the earth?"

5. When Every Touch Is Sexualized (posted April 19) "That is how incredibly significant physical touch can be to those in the purity culture. Touch between unmarried individuals of opposite genders is not only forbidden but also, as a result, thoroughly sexualized."

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