Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chinese Food (Photo Dump)

Well Chinese food is AWESOME- you simply MUST see what I'm eating. Dude, if you're American and you think of "Chinese food" as that cheap greasy stuff... that's fake Chinese food.

Behold, Chinese food:

炒饭 (chǎo fàn). Fried rice. I LOVE fried rice!

Curry (咖哩 gālí) with chicken and eggplant. SO GOOD!
Cute little waffles with fruit, from an adorable little coffee shop. Take a look at those silly little "forks."
Rice with some kind of beef or pork on top, with sides of egg, veggies, fish thing, and meat floss. Meat floss is weird, man.

What's this? A mountain of ice cream covered in chocolate? Umm, no no. That's shaved ice with red beans on the sides.

And some yellowish cream inside. It wasn't very good.

宫保鸡丁 (gōng bǎo jī dīng). Kung pao chicken. My favorite!

饺子 (jiǎozi). Dumplings.

Enchiladas, from a bar with Western food. Super expensive.

Some interesting oreo flavors here. "Oreo" in Chinese is 奥利奥 (ào lì ào).

Fried rice!

肉丝 (ròu sī). Shredded pork with some veggies. So freakin' good!

唐恩都乐 (táng ēn dōu lè). Dunkin' Donuts.

Some kind of fried pork thing. That looks like icing, doesn't it? Yeah, that's mayonnaise.

Fried rice!

鱼香茄子 (yú xiāng qiézi). Eggplant. Dude, this eggplant dish is one of my FAVORITES!

Here's another picture of kung pao chicken.

So, at a lot of restaurants, you sit down at the table and your dishes are all shrink-wrapped together. And I go there with Chinese people, so I've been unable to convince any of them that this is WEIRD.

Cold noodles. A bit spicy.

回锅肉 (huí guō ròu). Pork with some peppers and stuff. Kind of spicy.

鱼香茄子 (yú xiāng qiézi). Eggplant, again.

鸭舌 (yā shé). Duck tongues. Yes, you read that right: duck tongues. This is what they looked like before cooking. And yeah, once they were cooked, I did eat one. It was... odd.

猪脑 (zhū nǎo). Pig brains, before being cooked. Okay this is horrifying and I did NOT eat any.
Chocolate bread. I love these!

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