Monday, September 9, 2013


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1. The dangers of apologetics (posted September 1) "The opposite side of this coin is avoiding the questions that people actually are asking about the faith (e.g., why do you treat gay people badly? Why has Christianity inspired so much violence in its history?), perhaps because they are harder to answer in such a way that Christians come out looking good."

2. Jesus Is Not At All Like That (my video for the NALT Christians Project) (posted September 4) "I’m an evangelical Christian because Jesus loves me and declares me to be a beloved child of God. Not because I agreed to hate some other group of God’s beloved children, or to deny them their full equality in society and in the church."

3. When it’s too big (a reflection on Syria) (posted September 4) "All that’s left is to sit in quiet with the world and beg for peace and wisdom and clear paths."

4. Toys R Us to drop 'boys' and 'girls' labelling (posted September 4) Good!

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5. Hello, Heritage. Goodbye, War. (posted September 2) "Go stand in the most divided places."

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