Monday, September 16, 2013


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1. Mr. Rogers Can Still Teach Us (About Biblical Context) (posted September 6) "Rather than this gif representing an actual event of Mr. Rogers flipping people off, it represents something much more... innocuous."

2. Guy Sees Wife For The First Time Again, Wigs Out Cause She's A Total Babe (VIDEO) (posted September 10) This is hilarious.

3. The thing I’d love to forget about the people I disagree with (posted September 11) "And I was wrong."

4. 25 Biblical Roles for Biblical Women (posted September 7) "Say prophetic prayers and praises that have the authority of Scripture: Miriam (Exo. 15:20-21), Deborah (Judg. 5:1ff), Hannah (1 Sam. 2:1ff), Mary (Luke 1:46ff), Elizabeth (Luke 1:41ff)."

5. Dog alerts family to nanny's abuse (posted September 13) [trigger warning: child abuse] This dog is the best.

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