Monday, March 25, 2013


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1. The way we think about charity is dead wrong "First, it makes us think that overhead is a negative, that it is somehow not part of the cause."

2. Getting Honest about the Dark Side of the Bible (posted March 7) "If you found material like this in any other ancient or modern text, would you hesitate for a moment from labeling it as macabre, revolting, or some such phrase?"

3. The Rabbit and The Apple (posted March 12) "My friend, a Chinese woman from Deng’s hometown, told me that Deng had said we should have asked her if we could use the picture."

4. Westboro Equality House: Aaron Jackson Paints Rainbow Home Across From Anti-Gay Church (posted March 19) Well, this is awesome.

This house. Across the street from Westboro Baptist.

5. I'm Learning to Like My Anger (posted March 21) "I actually liked God a little more when I realized we get mad over the same type of abusive behavior patterns."

6. 5-year-old girl discovers dinosaur, has it named after her, can safely not accomplish anything else for the rest of her life (posted March 21)

7. The Day I Taught How Not To Rape (posted March 19) "I realized then that some of my kids were genuinely confused. 'How can she be raped?' they asked, 'She wasn’t awake to say no.'"

8. Sex. (posted March 22) "Apparently, even God was super concerned with my vagina, and where it had been, and what it had touched. Apparently, my genitals were like a portal that led straight to my soul."

9. Jabba the Cupcake Oh my.

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