Monday, March 18, 2013


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1. I Wasn't Raped, But I Was Still Violated (posted March 10) "Because if I had signaled the attendant, it would have been, ‘God, I’m just trying to make conversation. A guy can’t talk to a woman at all now? What are you, some kind of anti-social bitch who over-reacts at everything?’"

2. Our Ugly Jesus (posted March 11) "But, I like the idea of this ugly Jesus who chose to take human form and, in doing so, remain lowly–not elevating Himself in any way, including in His physical appearance."

3. Dip Oreos in colored white chocolate for an amazing display (posted March 8) Well, this is awesome.

4. The Christian Guide to Atheists: Never Really a Christian (posted March 11) "When we start to talk about whether or not someone was a 'real believer,' we negate their story and that can be a hurtful thing."

5. The God Who Does Nothing (posted March 5) "God didn’t do much when I was ill."

6. when this is a post about justice for victims & survivors of sexual abuse -- from danielle (posted March 12) "Whereas an unjust system seeks to silence the voices of rape victims, a just system seeks to amplify them."

7. Protection by Discrimination: Not a Solution for Bullying (posted March 12) "I believe that in many cases, the idea that a policy 'is for X group's protection from harassment' is a politically correct excuse given by those who are simply uncomfortable by others' differences."

8. Why the Rebelution’s Modesty Survey Was A Bad Idea (posted March 13) "We gave legitimacy to the idea that they had a right to speak about women’s clothing choices simply because they were male." (And see also my post about how "the modesty survey" affected me: The Story of Me and Modesty.)

9. Christian QUILTblogs list tops 100 blogs (posted March 13) "I dare you to go read their blogs and then come back and try to tell me that these are not your brothers and sisters in Christ."

10. when this is just a rant (posted March 13) "We sometimes think God's biggest concerns are reducible to whether someone can check the box YES on their will I go to Heaven?​ membership card."

11. It’s not your ‘stance,’ but who you’re standing with (posted March 14) "We seem to make that mistake a lot, which is why Christians keep confusedly acting as though their primary allegiance is to the institution of the church — defending the institution at all costs, even if that means silencing or shaming the victims of abuse, or covering up for the predators who abused them."

12. The Bible: It's Just Not That Into You (posted March 15) "...thus leading the reader away from the original corporate intent of the passage to a reaffirmation of the individualistic, me-centered, and consumerist tendencies of American religious culture." Amen to that.

13. Fasting... a Capitalistic Venture? (posted March 13) "A friend’s church even gave away a Kindle as a prize for raising money."

14. Making Compassion Last (posted March 15) "[Americans] don’t know Senegal, they don’t come to Senegal, so there’s no reason to be concerned. It’s not somewhere close like Haiti that people maybe have been to before."

15. Do You Have A Playstation? (posted March 15) "Young boys in the Congo were forcefully swept into a real-life war so that little boys in the West could play electronic war games."

16. On Hoarding Manna (posted March 16) "I never know how much is too much, whether giving up air conditioning matters while my family still pays $200 a month for cell phone access, and if having a hundred bucks in the bank is responsible stewardship or if it’s hoarding riches so I avoid the question altogether and buy a Blu-Ray player because, well c’mon, we need one, right?"

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