Monday, March 4, 2013


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1. when this is a post about rape and virginity, part one (posted February 24) "We cannot gloss over how horrifying this is."

2. Twitter (posted February 26) Xkcd answers the questions, "How many unique English tweets are possible? How long would it take for the population of the world to read them all out loud?"

3. Beauty and Reality (posted February 24) "What we correlate Taylor Swift as being in our minds is not even REAL."

4. We Aren't the World (posted February 25) "96 percent of human subjects in these studies came from countries that represent only 12 percent of the world’s population." Really interesting article about how culture drastically affects the way people reason.

5. I Am Not Abraham's Mistake (posted February 27) "According to my well-meaning brother at the gym and those whom he represents, this whole conflict in the Middle East could have been avoided if Abraham had just been patient and not fathered Ishmael—and the Arabs never existed. Sweet. Thanks guys."

6. "I Give Myself Away." I love this song.

7. Poisoning the Well (posted February 25) "I couldn’t shake off the message drilled into my head as a child, that people abandon 'difficult' and 'challenging' faith in a divine judge because they want a God who signs off on whatever they do."

8. when it matters because of two gardens (#femfest day two) (posted February 27) "She preached the redemption first.​"

9. Why It Matters: Feminism is for my little sisters (posted February 27) "One in six American women will be a victim of sexual assault at some point in their life. There are six daughters in my family."

10. Is abolition "biblical"? (posted February 28) "As you can see, Christians advocating for the preservation of slavery did not characterize their abolitionist opponents as simply disagreeing with them on the interpretation of the biblical text, but instead tended to accuse them of not taking the Bible seriously at all."

11. What Is God's Will for My Life? (posted February 28) "What if God the Father has not sent his children on a cosmic Easter egg hunt to discover his will while he sits back in heaven saying, 'You’re getting colder ... warmer ... colder ...'?"

12. An Unholy Evil: Ignorance, Silence, and Abuse (posted February 28) [trigger warning: child abuse] "It is horrific. It is beyond the pale. And it is the farthest thing from 'Christian' one could possibly be."

13. Of church, feminism, and safety. (posted February 28) "It is the church that told me that my body is toxic poison to any and all men, to the point that I’ve heard it hinted that perhaps breast reduction surgery could be in order for women endowed the way I am, to help brothers in Christ not stumble."

14. Procrastination Is Not Laziness (posted February 26) "So when you consider taking anything on, the promise of praise or benefit from doing something right are overshadowed by the (disproportionately greater) threat of getting something wrong."

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