Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I didn't forget the happy ending

Last week I posted the story of how Jesus changed my life, and followed it up with 5 things my testimony does not mean. But here's one more thing I realized: Right now, 4 and a half years after all of that heartbreak and committing my life to God and being willing to follow God's plan, even if it meant I'd be single forever... right now I have a boyfriend. And I didn't mention that at the end of my story.

Why? It never even occurred to me to mention that. It's so totally not relevant.

What is my testimony? Is it "I thought being single meant my life was hopeless and meaningless, but I gave everything to God and he completely changed me- now I know that God is all I need, no matter what" or is it "and then JUST A FEW YEARS LATER I met this super-awesome guy and now we're dating and it's awesome!!!!"?

Is Jesus my savior, or is my boyfriend my savior?

When I said I trust God and I commit my life to God, no matter what, I meant that. God owes me nothing, except to be my Lord and to be with me all the time, like he promised. If I never get married, then God is still my God, and I will still celebrate when he changed my life.

If you think "oh, eventually perfectnumber found a great guy, so it's a happy ending" then you're dead wrong. That's insulting to me, that's insulting to my testimony, and that's insulting to my God.

JESUS saved me. JESUS changed my life. JESUS is all I need. End of story. And THAT is a happy ending.

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